For your design, prototyping, CAD engineering, injection-molded plastic parts and complete assemblies, as well as product management, your best source is Decker Design Engineering.

Typical Fast-Change Frame and Insert combination for Morgan Press injection mold machines

Located in Rolla, Missouri, Decker Design Engineering specializes in designing plastic parts, designing and building prototype/first-year production tooling--mostly in high strength aluminum--then molding the finished component. We also assemble the finished parts, if assemblies are required, and perform any secondary operations, when needed. These secondary operations may include heat staking, sonic welding, adhesive bonding, and metal insertion, to name a few.

Frame set and
sprue brushing only

Decker Design Engineering is dedicated to the establishment and preservation of a close, on-going customer-vendor relationship based upon quality, reliability, and service. Our customers range from the small startup company to large corporations, which demonstrates our range of capabilities, services, and most of all, our attitude.

... bringing your product to market

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