Morgan Press G-100T
injection molding machine

Decker Design Engineering operates two Morgan Press G-100T injection mold machines, each producing a 4-oz. (maximum) shot. These machines operate on 120 volts and require 160 psi maximum air pressure. [Morgan Industries website]

The Babyplast 6/6M
molding machine

For very small thermoplastic parts (less than 8 grams shot weight), we use our babyplast 6/6M bench top molding machine. This machine is the smallest, fully hydraulic injection molding machine in the world, and can mold extremely small parts. The babyplast machine is often used in micro molding very small parts in any engineering resin. This machine requires a specialized mold--usually steel--but small (approx. 3" x 3" square). [Babyplast website]

Thermoset materials run in our Gluco Model E5 transfer press. This press is used primarily for insert molding and encapsulating electronic components, medical parts, etc., and is a bench top machine with a 5-ton clamping force at 100 psi. [Gluco website]

Sensor Ass'y, Sleeve and Cap
Needle and Syringe Destruct Unit
Glucose meter Housing, Cover, Lens, Button Pad
ECU Bracket
Insert molded/overmolded coral core
Sensor Ass'y, Sleeve and Cap
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