Design and Engineering Services

Decker Design Engineering offers CAD engineering services using 2D/3D CAD software (TurboCAD 21.1). We can interface with SurfCAM to produce a CNC model, or a high-strength aluminum mold to produce the final part.

Frequently, our customers send us a file of their part, we take a look at the part from a tooling and molding standpoint, then make recommendations if necessary. Often, we can suggest a better design for moldability and material for the final product, saving our customers time down the road.

Sometimes, our customers want us to build a model of the final product. This we can do in a number of ways: through stereolithography we can actually make a part to the customer's specifications in a matter of days. Also, we can CNC machine the part out of, say, aluminum or plastic. In some cases, if the part lends itself, we can water-jet cut the part out of plastic, aluminum, steel, etc.

Once the design has been determined, the prototype made, and the drawings updated, we can then begin building the necessary tooling to produce the final part.

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